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Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Arterial Hardness Value Measurement
Formosa Biomedical Technology Corporation announces arterial hardness monitoring device for home use

New home-care electronic product measures arterial hardness, blood pressure and heart rate

13 April, 2006, TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Taipei-based biomedical technology company Formosa Biomedical Technology Corporation announced its readiness to market its revolutionary new arterial hardness home healthcare diagnostic device to European consumers.

The company's Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Arterial Hardness Value Measurement is a three-in-one electronic device utilizing medical technology previously available only to doctors in a hospital setting. Using patented sensor technology, the device determines the hardness of a person's arteries while simultaneously measuring blood pressure and heart rate.

Arterial hardness is a symptom of arteriosclerosis, a condition where the body's arteries thicken, harden and become slowly blocked over time due to life style, dietary and genetic factors. Advanced arteriosclerosis can cause a number of serious health problems, including cerebral hemorrhage and stroke, angina and heart attacks, kidney disease and circulatory system breakdown in the limb extremities.

The device utilizes technology first invented in Japan and developed and perfected in the Formosa Biomedical research facilities in Taiwan, into a novel, easy-to-use home-care product.

"We have developed a product that lets you take a closer look at your cardiovascular system. By determining your arterial hardness level, you can uncover potential health problems that otherwise wouldn't be picked up outside of a medical examination in a hospital," said Taylor Chang, Deputy Manager of Formosa Biomedical's sales and marketing department. "We believe that regular testing of arterial hardness is a simple and effective means of monitoring and safeguarding your health. Our product allows you to do this at home, at your convenience," he said.

Dr. Err-Cheng Chan, Executive Vice President of Formosa Biomedical and a Professor at Chang Gung University Medical School, stated that most people underestimate the risk of undetected cardiovascular disease.

"Even when coronary blood vessels are narrowed by as much as 80 percent, symptoms are not usually apparent to the affected person. However, roughly 60 percent of affected people die from their first heart attack," stated Chan.

What's more troubling, said Chan, is that the death rate from heart attack victims with no history of symptoms is twice as high as that of the general population of heart attack victims, showing that identification and awareness of cardiovascular disease symptoms is the key to surviving heart attacks.

Formosa Biomedical introduced the product at November, 2005's Medica exhibition in Germany--the world's largest exhibition for the medical device equipment industry--to strong interest. Since then, the company has been to looking to build up a network of qualified distributors in Europe.

"We are interested in working with distributors who understand the importance of vascular system monitoring and are willing to assist in spreading the good news about this revolutionary product," said Chang.

The Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Arterial Hardness Value Measurement has received FDA and CE approval for its class of devices. Formosa Biomedical is interested in receiving applications from all interested parties looking to become agents for the product in European countries. Please enquire with Taylor Chang at the contact numbers below.

About Formosa Biomedical Technology Corporation.

Formosa Biomedical Technology Corporation was founded in 2004, with a mission to develop and manufacture high-tech, high quality, safe and healthy products by integrating three major resources of Formosa Group in manufacturing, academic studies and clinical research and services. In the mean time, we wish to strengthen our core competency and shape the company as an international brand on the basis of our unique core technology, company culture and characteristics of products. Our product line includes diagnostics devices, lab and research supplies, detergents and cosmetics. The development of protein drugs and vaccine will also be our research scope in the future.

The company works closely with Formosa Group's Chang Gung University and the Chang Gung Hospital, sharing resources such as research facilities and the advice and expertise of its resident medical experts.

About Formosa Group of companies
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 Gloria Wang
Salse Representative
Medical Technology Div.
Formosa Biomedical Technology Corp.

Source: Formosa Biomedical Technology Corporation
Attached photo: Formosa Biomedical Technology Corporation's new Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Arterial Hardness Value Measurement device

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